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JAN Training Events

Information about JAN training events

JAN staff members conduct over 200 trainings and public appearances per year. These include public trainings, interviews, exhibit booths, and collaborative meetings. Most of the in-person trainings are by invitation from the sponsoring entity and are classified as advanced or expert level.

Requests for JAN staff to provide training at an event should be made four months in advance of the event.  There is no speaker fee for JAN staff to participate in an event.  If travel is required ALL travel expenses for JAN staff must be reimbursed.  JAN staff members also conduct Webcast trainings using an internally maintained Webcast platform or sponsoring agency platforms. These include the JAN sponsored Accommodation and Compliance Webcast Series that began in 2006. This series includes several Webcasts in which JAN collaborates with other agencies and employers provide information about employer best practices. This series continually sells out within a short period of time after being posted. JAN staff also recently developed a specific three part Federal Winter Webcast Series to meet 2009-2010 demand.

Topics for training include job accommodations for a variety of impairments. Recent presentations covered the ADA and the ADAAA, mental health impairments, HIV/AIDS, speech impairments, hidden impairments, Website accessibility, social network accessibility, assistive technologies, Website tour, and the JAN experience.

JAN also provides materials from a Website landing page so PowerPoint slides, handouts, and other materials can be downloaded.