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Noise Sensitivity

Individuals with noise sensitivity have difficulty tolerating noise.

Individuals with noise sensitivity have difficulty tolerating noise. Depending on the underlying cause, individuals with noise sensitivity may experience an adverse emotional response or even pain when exposed to the sounds that trigger their symptoms.  In some cases, individuals may also have difficulty concentrating and controlling emotions when exposed to noises that seem like normal environmental sounds to others.  Ringing in the ears or tinnitus is related.  Many individuals who are sensitive to noise also experience ringing in the ears when exposed to noise.


Extraneous noises can be very distracting. Noise from radios, office equipment, traffic and employee conversations can make it difficult for someone who is hard of hearing to focus on important sounds in the environment. To block extraneous noise, sound control products such as carpeting, hanging baffles, wall panels or cubicles might be used. If possible, discontinue the use of personal stereos or provide the employee with a space free from extraneous sounds resulting from copy machines, faxes or printers.