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Sample Forms

Sample Accommodation-Related Forms


Unlike some other federal laws, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) does not require employers to use standardized forms for ADA-related employment actions. However employers sometimes find it helpful to develop forms for consistency and efficiency. The problem with using standardized forms under the ADA is that in some cases the improper use of those forms can lead to ADA violations. The main problem occurs when employers use forms to request medical information because the ADA limits how much medical information can be gathered from employees in various situations. Also, employers are prohibited from asking for medical information they already have. For example, when an employee requests an accommodation, the employer is not supposed to ask for proof of disability when the disability is obvious or has already been documented.

In light of this issue, employers should customize the sample forms below each time they are used. Here are some examples of how employers might customize a form:

1. Highlight the sections the healthcare provider is to complete.

2. Completely remove sections as needed before sending the form to the healthcare provider.

3. Pull out the questions to be answered and send them in a customized letter to the healthcare provider.

4. Add specific questions for a unique situation.


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